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What is Flock?

Flock is an app that finds the photos you take together with friends and family and magically brings all the photos from each person's phone together into a single shared album.

How does Flock know whom I’m with?

Flock uses battery-friendly background location information and knowledge of your Facebook friends to figure out which of your friends you were with when photos were taken.

Do my friends also have to have Flock?

Yes, but they’ll think you are cool for knowing about it before they did. Oh, and it’s free and will be forever.

I don’t want all of my photos to be shared. Does Flock let me approve photos before they’re sent?

Flock never shares any of your photos with anyone (not even with your friends) unless you review the photos and choose to share them.

Who can see the photos I contribute?

The albums created by Flock are viewable by the friends who were there with you. Those people are listed at the top of each album. Your friends can, of course, save the photos or post them elsewhere. If that’s a problem, you might need different friends :)

Why do I have to log in with Facebook?

Flock needs to know who your friends are to know who you were actually with and filter out anyone else nearby.

Is Flock going to post my photos to Facebook?

No, Flock won’t post any photos to Facebook unless you specifically request it by choosing to share an album via Facebook.

Why do I have to enable location services?

Flock needs to know which of your friends were with you when photos are taken.

Does Flock drain my battery? I heard location services and GPS kills battery life.

The short answer: Flock is very battery-friendly.

The longer answer: While there is a perception that apps that use background location information kill battery life, this isn’t always true. Flock uses new battery-friendly background location technology to do its magic with very little impact to battery life.

But I see the little GPS indicator on my phone’s status bar all the time! That’s killing my battery!!

That indicator doesn’t mean Flock is running the GPS all the time. It just means that Flock has asked the phone’s operating system to tell it whenever you move to a new location, so that it can take a quick reading and see if you are with any of your friends.

I got a message that my Camera app has location services turned off, what’s that?

For Flock to work best, your photos need to be tagged with location information. If Flock notices that location services may be disabled for your Camera app, it will tell you. You can turn on location services for the Camera app (and any other app) in Settings->Location Services.

Why should I enable push notifications?

Flock is a new kind of app that you don’t need to remember to use. Flock will send you a notification after you and your friends take photos together so you can all view and share the photos. If you disable push notifications, you won’t know when other people add photos of you or when you have photos to contribute to the group album.

How do I save the photos from Flock?

There is a download button in the bottom right of the full-screen photo viewer. It will save the photo to your Camera Roll.

Does Flock work with Instagram photos? What about other camera apps?

Yes, Flock works with any camera app that saves photos to your Camera Roll. You’ll want to be sure location services are enabled for whichever camera app you use.

I accidentally shared a photo I didn’t mean do. How do I remove it?

To remove a photo that you've shared by accident, simply tap on that photo, then press the arrow button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select 'Delete photo'.

Flock missed someone who was with me. How come?

There could be a few reasons why Flock couldn’t identify that someone was with you:

  1. Did that person have Flock installed?
  2. Did that person have location services enabled for Flock?
  3. Is that person a friend of yours on Facebook?

In rare cases, Flock won’t be able to get an accurate-enough location lock to know that you were together.

Can I manually add or tag someone who was with me?

Yes definitely. Simply press on the + button that appears next to the 'Friends who were there:' list and select which friend you'd like to add to the album.

Flock thinks one of my friends was with me who wasn’t. How do I fix that?

To remove friends, tap on the list of people under 'Friends who were there' and press the x next to the name of the person you'd like to remove.

How do I delete an entire album?

To delete an album off your Flock homescreen, simply remove yourself from the album. To do this tap on the friends list under 'Friends who were there' and press the x next to your name.

I’m with my friends now, but Flock isn’t finding our photos to share with each other. Why not?

In order to be battery-friendly, Flock only wakes up to look for photos taken together when you move a large distance. If everyone opens Flock, it will look immediately. Otherwise, expect a push notification a little while after you leave.

It says Flock works backwards in time to find photos I took with friends in the past, but it’s not working. Why?

Most likely either you or your friend had location services disabled for your Camera app in the past. Sorry, we wish we could go back in time and turn it on for you, but we can’t :(

Who made Flock?

Flock is made with love in California by the company that brought you the Bump app. Interested in joining our team? We're hiring!

Is Flock free?

Flock is free and will be forever.

Is Flock available for Android?

Not yet, but soon. Yes! Download it here.