Photos together.

You and your friends love to take photos together,
but they always end up on different phones.

Flock finds the photos that you've taken together
and makes it easy for you to share them with each other.
So there's no more forgetting to share photos.

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Use your normal camera app

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Flock knows whom you are with

Flock uses location information to automatically know which of your friends you are with and filter out strangers.

Approve & share

You have complete control over which photos you contribute.

Everyone's photos together

Flock magically creates a shared album for your friends who were present

No more forgotten photos

You don't have to remember to use Flock. Just do your thing, and Flock sends you a notification afterwards if you have photos to share or view.

Unlock old memories

Flock even works backwards in time to create albums before you installed the app!*
*photos must have been taken with location information enabled