LA Dodgers Baseball Team Stated “Bankrupt”

If you are a fan of the LA Dodgers team then this decision is probably very bitter history. The management team has stated that the state of the team into bankruptcy. This statement has been officially filed in Delaware courts.
Beginning of the crisis started when the team had to spend about $ 150 million to finance all the needs of the team. These purposes include funding for operational funding and relationship with the media team. The financial crisis has made the members of the team in difficult circumstances including the management and players.
Frank McCourt as owner of the team management declared that the possibility could pay the salaries of the players and members of management. But he could not promise for payment will continue to be a problem so it is likely that significant salary. Some media also said that the club’s owners are also entangled in heavy debt due to finance divorce proceedings with his wife.
This situation became progressively worse due to the agreement cannot be approved by Fox. The media will initially provide funds for operation with nominal labor agreement but the proposed LA Dodgers very large. This request was formally rejected last week.